Even though the Material Plugin is the fruit of a handful of developers, it is actually the contribution of a lot of people that have made it awesome as it is!


First of all I want to thank the original creators of the theme and its derived products:

Mattia Astorino (@equinusocio)

The original creator of the Material Theme, and developer of the Material Theme for Sublime and for Visual Studio Code. He found the perfect color balance in his themes and followed the Material Design guidelines perfectly for a slick coding experience.

He is also my inspiration for the UI design and the many settings that he introduced, giving a lot of customization to the users.

Chris Magnussen (@ChrisRM)

The original creator of the JetBrains plugin. Thanks to his ingeniosity we finally had an alternative to the bland native themes that are Darcula and IntelliJ.

He was curious enough to dig into the code in order to find the settings that let plugin developers control the theme colors and replace icons. I learnt a lot from him.

Philipp Kief (@PKief)

The maintainer of the great VSCode Material Icon Themes. It was his idea to not only customize the file icons, as the Atom File Icons devs already did, but to customize folders as well! Big up to him, as he is currently very active and accepts a lot of Pull Requests!

Ihor Oleksandrov (@ihodev)

The main creator of the a-file-icon plugin for Sublime, which replaces the original file icons to their logo counterparts, making them easier to differentiate and greatly improving the visibility in projects. He created a whole lot of icons that the Material Theme Plugins are using, and provided an easy way to create new icons, thus allowing further customization of the Material Theme.

He is now retired from the Open Source community but the Sublime Text Community took the reins of the project and are now actively managing it in his stead.

Atom File Icons Devs (@file-icons)

The actual creators behind the A-File-Icon plugin for Sublime. They created icons for a plethora of languages and frameworks, supporting even the most obscure languages. They are still very active and my inspiration for the constant icon additions.

Other Editions

The Material Theme is so famous that it exists for many other IDEs, editors, applications, css themes and so on.

Other Products by me (Elior Boukhobza)

Check out my other projects:

Plugins and references

The second people I want to thank are a specific bunch of plugin developers, which helped me through peeking at their code developing the features I needed for the theme. These are:

AfterGlow Theme

Afterglow Theme

This is another theme for JetBrains which has its lot of uniques features too. Sadly it has not been updated for a while and would probably not work with current versions.

Nyan Progress Bar

Nyan Progress Bar

A funny plugin which replaces the Progress Bar with a Nyan Cat. The inspiration for the Material Components customization.



A rather complete plugin for .ignore files, allowing easy creation of such files, with templates for many tools and frameworks. It uses a lot of features from the Plugin SDK which was an inspiration for many features of the Material Theme plugin.

Git Toolbox

Git Toolbox

A plugin extending the IDE with information from the current Git state: Git project, Git status, Git branch and so on. It was an inspiration for the Project View Decorators and also my main learning source for creating application and project settings.

Project Label

Project Label

A rather simple plugin that shows the current project in the status bar which was the inspiration for the Status Bar Indicator feature.

Browse Word At Caret

Browse Word At Caret

A rather simple plugin that highlights all occurrences of the word under caret. Its implementation of a settings page inside the Color Schemes settings was the inspiration for the Material File Status Colors feature.

Material Icon Theme for Visual Studio Code

Material Icon Theme for VSCode

The Material Theme Icons, but for Visual Studio Code. It’s actually the Decorated Folders feature that gave me the idea to implement it in the JetBrains’ plugin. Besides, the folder icons were taken from there, with some small changes in the colors.

Monokai Pro

Monokai Pro by Monokai

This is the pro version of the famous Monokai theme, which, just like the Material Theme, completely remodels the IDEs with a set of themes, color schemes, icons, fonts and other features. Unfortunately it is a paid theme and is not available to JetBrains products, so a porting has been made inside the plugin :)

Night Owl

Night Owl Theme by Sarah Drasner

Not a reference but a very nice theme good for the eyes, a mix between Palenight and Deep Ocean themes :)

Auto Dark Mode

Auto Dark Mode by Jannis Weis

Wonderful plugin allowing you to change the current theme according to your OS’s Dark Mode. You can specify which theme to apply for Light and Dark modes and ti will change automatically.

Auto Dark Mode
Auto Dark Mode
Color Highlighter

Color Highlighter by me (Elior Boukhobza)

Another plugin of mine, which consists in highlighting colors directly in the IDE. Supports many popular languages such as Python, PHP, Scala, Kotlin, Go, Swift, Ruby, Yaml or JSON.



First of all I want to thank all icon designers who designed all the icons used by the theme:

Thanks also to @yonnyz for the logo and theme icons, and @gidivigo for helping me with the documentation design.

I also want to thank the guys at Gridster Digitalmind (RIP) with their Material Jekyll template which was a solid base for the documentation design.

Thanks also for the guys at Materialize CSS for the CSS and Javascript used in this documentation, as well as their beautiful website design.

Thanks for Algolia for the implementation of the search component and its easy installation.

Thanks also to all the contributors that helped in the development!

And of course thanks to JetBrains for their IDEs, Google for their Material Design, Disqus for the comments plugin, Travis CI, JFormDesigner for the UI Designer plugin, Vladsch for his Markdown navigator plugin, and of course all the other plugin creators for the plugins I use for development.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


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Last but not least, a big thanks to all the backers! Thanks to their contribution I’ve been able to purchase a license for the IDEs and plugins to help me work better and spread the word.

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