Quick Actions Panel

Shortcuts for customizing the plugin

Here you can find an explanation of the actions from the Quick Actions Panel.

Quick Actions Panel

The Quick Actions Panel is a set of actions and toggles to quickly customize the plugin. You can find this panel in many places:

  • Inside the menu, under Tools -> Material Theme
Tools Menu
Tools Menu
  • At the end of the main toolbar
Main Toolbar
Main Toolbar
  • As an option of the Quick Switch Panel
Quick Switch
Quick Switch

You can also set a shortcut to open each and every one of its submenus from the Settings -> Appearance and Behavior -> Keymap -> Material Theme settings.

Material Theme Switcher

The first subpanel is a switcher to rapidly switch between the themes. There you can find all the available themes plus the two custom themes.

Theme Switcher
Theme Switcher

Panel Options

This panel allows you to quickly toggle some of the most used Panel Settings:

  • Toggle Contrast Mode
  • Toggle High Contrast
  • Toggle Compact Sidebar
  • Toggle Compact Dropdowns
  • Toggle Compact Table Cells
  • Toggle Compact Menus
  • Toggle Hide File Icons
  • Toggle Monochrome Icons
  • Toggle Compact Status Bar
  • Toggle Uppercase Tabs
  • Indicator Styles
  • Tab Highlight Position

Besides those are one-time actions that will change the plugin or the IDE configuration:

  • Set Recommended Tab Height: Change the tab height to 42

Accent Color Chooser

This panel provides a set of predefined colors to set up your accent color.

Accent Chooser
Accent Chooser

There are also more options to easily toggle the following modes:

  • Override Accent Color from Theme
  • Set Action Mode

Note that these actions are one-time only and the accent color can be changed in the Settings -> Custom Accent Color.

Component Settings

This panel as well allows you to rapidly toggle the most used Component/Features Settings:

  • Toggle Material Fonts
  • Toggle Open Colored Directories
  • Toggle Status Bar Indicator
  • Toggle Material Wallpapers
  • Toggle Project Frame
  • Toggle Themed Title Bar

In addition, other one-time actions are available in this panel, which are:

  • Material Theme Wizard: Relaunch the Material Theme Wizard
  • Atom Material Icons: Open the Atom Material Icons Plugin page for installation.
  • Remove Material Wallpaper: Remove the IDE Background Image.
Material Wallpaper
Material Wallpaper

Please note that this is a setting that affects the whole IDE settings, so actions such as removing/disabling the plugin will not get rid of the background image. You can do so in Settings -> Appearance -> Background Image.