There has been a lot of time since last blog update. In the meanwhile a bunch of new versions of the plugin have been released, bringing a lot of cool features. Here’s a summary:

New Themes

New themes made their apparition in version 2.6: Atom One Light and Material Deep Ocean

Material Deep Ocean

Material Deep Ocean
Material Deep Ocean

This theme is a replication of the Material Ocean theme of the Visual Studio Code’s Material Theme plugin, but since “Oceanic” refers to the “Default” theme, I decided to call this one “Deep Ocean”, referring to it’s darker navy colors.

This is a nice alternative to the Oceanic theme while still keeping a bit of color compared to the Darker theme. Note that this is still new so it might not have the best color contrast. If so, please open an issue to the Github repository with the suggested changes.

Atom One Light

Atom One Light
Atom One Light

Another nice addition is the light variant of the Atom One Dark theme, Atom One Light. It might be a better alternative to the Lighter and Solarized Light themes, so give it a shot :)

And don’t forget to open issues if you find some!

New External Themes Features

The version 2.6 also extended the abilities of the external themes, e.g. the ability to define the Accent Color and the Excluded Files Color.

Accent Color

Along with this extension a new option has been added to the settings which allows themes to override the accent color.

Override Accent Color
Override Accent Color

When this setting is on, bundled themes as well as external themes will override the selected accent color with the one they define, thus extending the theming abilities. Here are the default themes’ color:

  • Oceanic: Teal
  • Darker: Orange
  • Lighter: Turquoise
  • Palenight: Amethyst
  • Deep Ocean: Sky
  • Monokai: Strawberry
  • Arc: Teal
  • One Dark: DodgerBlue
  • One Light: DodgerBlue
  • Solarized Dark: Pink
  • Solarized Light: Pink

And from now, external themes can do it as well by specifying the accentColor key in the XML theme.

Example: <accentColor>80cbc4</accentColor>

Excluded Files Color

The second extension is the ability to customize the color for external files. Excluded files are files that are marked as “Excluded files” or “External libraries” in the project view. These files’ background color can be customized from the File Colors settings page at Appearance > File Colors

Now in a previous version we added the ability to set a color defined by the selected theme, giving more customization to an usually static color (note that it still requires restart between theme switchings)

Excluded Files Color
Excluded Files Color

However this ability didn’t extend to external themes, leaving such themes with a default excluded color not in accordance with their color palette. Now this feature is available as well, by specifying the excludedColor key in the XML.

Example: <excludedColor>0B253A</excludedColor>

That’s it!

Thanks for reading :)