This version didn’t bring a lot of new features, instead it focused on the color schemes, a feature often left out for other more visible features such as icons or themes. It also brought its lot of bug fixes, closing issues that were left out to concentrate on the Material Wizard.

Monokai Pro color scheme

Since quite some time now, the plugin has been featuring one very famous Sublime Text theme, Monokai. The Monokai theme is the default theme bundled with the Sublime Text editor, and is one of the factors of its success.

Sublime Text

Since then this theme has been adapted and remixed countless times, for each and every editor and IDE out there. There is even one builtin within some IntelliJ products (though it is a bad one in my opinion).

But then it’s creator decided one day to rework his theme and also add some variants, as well as create a full UI theme for Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code. He called it Monokai Pro and costs 9.99$ for a license.

Because I liked this remake very much and that it wasn’t available for JetBrains, I decided to adapt it for the Material Theme plugin, available alongside Solarized and Atom One themes. The color scheme was then called Material Monokai Pro.

Monokai Pro

However the remixed color scheme was very much off the original color scheme. This caused people to get lost when coming from Sublime or VSC with Monokai Pro installed. As a result, I decided to fork the fork and created the Monokai Pro theme based on the original Monokai Pro.

This color scheme is now selected by default when switching to the Monokai Pro UI theme, but you can still select the Material Monokai Pro version if you prefer.

Material Monokai Pro
Material Monokai Pro
Monokai Pro
Monokai Pro

Tab Shadow

A small but cool addition has been added to the tab strip: tab shadows. This is simply adding a small shadow under the tab strip, making look like Visual Studio Code Tabs.

Tab Shadow
Tab Shadow

This feature is not configurable.

Other updates

Other updates showcases in this version:

  • Arc Dark scheme has been fixed to look more to its VSC counterpart
  • The font used in search fields is now using the default font set from Settings -> Editor -> Font
  • More analytics have been added and we switched to Mixpanel.
  • Some missing UI Icons have been added:
    • Run Anything
    • Java EE Icons
    • JSON icons
    • Expand and Collapse
  • Fix some issue with the Statusbar not expanding in Windows

Enjoy! :)