• Set font for search field from the Default Font
  • Replace Segment by MixPanel for analytics
  • Fix second title bar on Windows
  • Set Wizard shown state in MTConfig instead of Properties
  • Refactor Color Schemes


  • Add a shadow to the Tabs
  • Fix default font in Mac when Material Fonts is disabled
  • Fix Themed Title bar option: setting the option in dark themes turns the Dark Window Headers too.
  • Refactor color schemes


  • New: Material Wizard to help users configure the plugin!
  • Fix Freeze issue (
  • Fix Atom One Light notification color


  • Fix Atom One Light and Deep Ocean color schemes (Diff, Javascript and Comments)
  • Change Border color and Button color of Deep Ocean theme


  • New Themes: Atom One Light and Material Deep Ocean
  • Add support for accent color and excluded files color in themes (and external themes)
  • Add option to override custom accent color with the theme’s accent color
  • SVGify the theme icons


  • Return the “Theme Title Bar” option for macs… this time with fully theme support!
  • Add a new Selected Item Indicator Style for Project View
  • Add a new High Contrast mode
  • Theme the new Plugins page! (note: this is still in beta)
  • Rewrote StatusBar component to correct all issues with the Status Bar (borders, compactness…)
  • Refactor MTThemeManager and MTLaf
  • Added new VCS Icons
  • Added more tests


  • Add Arc Theme color scheme
  • Fix folder color when Material Theme is disabled
  • Fix scrollbars when accent scrollbars is disabled
  • Fix Ugly tomcat icon

  • Fix Atom One Dark console background color
  • Fix Font Size setting not applying
  • Fix error with prefs files
  • Fix monochrome filter not staying after saving options
  • Add new search everywhere resources


  • Add None Option to arrow styles
  • Remove Dark Title Bar setting for Macs (now available for all IDEs)
  • Fix contrast of disabled icons
  • Fix Sky accent action
  • Remove shadows on balloons

  • Fix fatal error in older IDEs
  • Fix blurry arrow icons
  • Fix theme not being applied for some themes (notably custom)
  • Set Font Size HiDPI aware
  • Add missing options from the Settings search
  • Allow setting Material Theme options from Statusbar widget
  • Add multicaret icons

  • Add font size to be toggleable
  • Set Menlo as primary font for Lighter Schemes, and Fira Code for Darker schemes


  • Reworked the settings page to group options into tabs and allow changing theme from there
  • Setting for changing the font size of the Project View (needs restart)
  • Setting for disabling Material File Status Colors
  • Improve contrast of Lighter Theme
  • Improved a bit the Comboboxes to look like Material Design ones
  • Fix Tabbed Pane colors in Lighter Themes
  • Add analytics
  • Add TSX icon


  • This is a quick fix for 182.2757. This fixes critical issues introduced by the latest EAP. There could be other bugs though.


  • Fix error from plugin.svg icon not found
  • Fix preview icon similar to details icon

2.3.1 (alpha)

  • This is a quick fix for MTComboBoxes to get back wide dropdowns.
  • This is not a final fixes since it doesn’t display the paddings for some comboboxes (such as Color Scheme), even though it works after selecting another value. This will be investigated further in a next release.
  • This also brings the popup over the dropdown to imitate material design components. This is disabled by the Compact Dropdown settings though


  • Major overhaul of the icons: most icons have been converted to svg! Please note though:
    • I couldn’t find the originals of some icons, so some icons are now different or with different colors (sorry JSON…)
    • Since this is a big update, there might be some further changes to those icons
    • I decided to keep some original icons made by Jetbrains (such as Minimize Tool Window)
    • Please open issues about icons that you find not suited for their purpose.
  • Set a default matched brace color in order to use Current Scope highlight (
  • Fix bugs related to 2018.2 EAP (


  • Theme Coding Style and Debugger tabs
  • Add angular.json association


  • Increase size of Material Arrows to 11x11
  • Fix Active Tab Highlight color to take accent color
  • Increase left padding of tree rows
  • Change color of primary buttons for Monokai theme
  • Set Autocomplete selected item background color when unfocused
  • Change notification colors (success, warn, error)


  • Theme border color of popups
  • Fix issue with SVG Viewer
  • Fix Decorated Folders
  • Fix Uppercase bold tabs
  • Fix MTNavBar memory leak
  • Fix Darcula/IntelliJ UIResources
  • Better Arrows visibility
  • Fix file colors not being set
  • Add more tests


  • DataGrip Icons!
  • Solarized Dark and Light color schemes
  • Improve Lighter Theme contrast and texts
  • Improve file colors for Monokai and Solarized
  • Extract ActionButtons into their own component


  • Fix command line icons
  • Reenable Darcula components when Material Components are disabled
  • Apply monochrome filter on activate
  • Change “Modified on non active changelist” and “added on non-active changelist” colors


  • Improve Solarized Dark
  • Set arrows color the same as the folders color
  • PHP Icons
  • Python Icons
  • Fix undefined notification colors
  • Remove InternalDecorator hack until Jetbrains fix this


  • New Component: Material NavBar
  • Set folder associations just like Material Icons VSCode
  • Center not centered folder icons
  • Fix Action Combobox for Lighter Themes


  • Change background color of Solarized Light
  • Change foreground color of buttons in Light themes


  • Fix Background color for PHP code in some themes
  • Set the “splitter” color as a “secondaryBorder” resource (Fix #659)
  • Fix “Tree Selected Item” artifact


  • Revert issues with 2.1.1


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements



  • New Themes: Solarized Dark and Light!


  • Fix issue with Bundled Themes not being persisted
  • Set Arrows Color to be the same as the folder color
  • Add new darcula Button resources to the Abstract Theme


  • Rename “Inactive Resources” to “Button Resources”



  • Complete rewrite of the Theming System! Now all themes inherit from the same parent class which defines which resources get which color. Maintaining themes will be a lot easier!
  • Plugin extension to allow plugin developers to add their own themes to the Material Theme plugin! It’s still in beta but some examples will be available shortly.
  • The caret is now an accent color resource.
  • The Arrows Style applies now to menus as well
  • RubyMine icons for Ruby/Rails folders and actions.


  • Remove the “Button Highlight color” and “Caret” property from Custom Themes
  • Checkboxes and RadioButtons are now a bit better.
  • TabbedPanes and TextArea are now using the MaterialTheme namespace.
  • Fix the Black Line separating tool windows from the editor
  • Fix the search inside lists and menus
  • Improvements to the themes
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Please note that this is a beta version, it is now entering the test phase and might contain bugs.



  • Add Non-Project Files default color to the current theme’s disabled color
  • New Material Toggle Button UI
  • Fix breadcrumb and parameter hint colors to their relevant theme colors
  • Add a specific accent color for each color scheme:
    • Oceanic: Teal
    • Darker: Orange
    • Lighter: Indigo
    • Palenight: Amethyst
    • Monokai: Lime
    • One Dark: Gold


  • Fix performance issues by removing unused code and refactoring Monochrome Icons
  • Fix tooltip colors


  • Installed Test framework



  • Set Accent color to modified settings
  • Tool Window header color styles
  • Add browserslist icon
  • Add CNAME icon


  • Fix Monochrome Icons to cover the whole IDE
  • Fix TextField UI to include the magnifier for search fields
  • Fix Font in Text Fields to use the color scheme’s font
  • Fix Action button radius
  • Brighten primary buttons to be more differentiable
  • Change React default icon


  • Add Acknowledgements in the documentation
  • Add new url for the documentation:



  • Add different angular icons by type: service, component, directive, pipe and routing
  • Add postcssrc and postcssconfig icons
  • New feature: Compact Dropdowns. Reduce the size of dropdowns and their items.
  • New feature: Monochrome Icons. Now you can decide to have icons desaturated with the color of the current theme
  • New feature: Active tab highlighting for Lighter themes!
  • New feature: Tab Opacity: allow to customize the opacity of the coloring of inactive tabs.
  • New feature: Uppercase buttons
  • Theme dialog title color when inactive
  • Go to the documentation from the settings’ help buttons


  • Fix Tooltips color
  • Fix Accent scrollbars on Mac
  • Replace many UI Icons for the nodes
  • Fix issues with Palenight theme
  • Fix and replace Option Button

  • Fix Notifications
  • Fix tooltip colors

  • Fix focus color on search boxes
  • Change debugger colors and tooltip colors

  • Fix


  • Upgrade to 2018.1
  • Fix checkboxes
  • Fix textfields
  • Fix comboboxes
  • Fix buttons


  • Angular icon associations for services, pipes, directives and routes
  • PostCss config associations

  • Fix

  • Change default option of title bar to false
  • Add more CLion icons
  • Fix background color of the “New Project” sidepanel
  • Alert when setting title bar

  • Fix Dark Title bar option not applying on Windows
  • Fix theming not applying to menus
  • Clion icons
  • Fix RVM, NVM, cmd, README, Adobe Elements and InDesign associations


  • Fix Theme Switching requiring to restart the IDE. Now switching is becoming as easy as pie!
  • New feature: Windows Title Bar Theming.
    • Note: this changes the color of the title bar OS-wide, meaning that even after closing the IDE the color will still be set. (see for setting it.
  • Added more other file icons: Atom, Appveyor, Bean, Cabal, Compass, Doxygen, Dylib, Ghostscript, Github, Jquery, JS Minified, Makefile, Manpage, Nib, Godot, Openoffice, Patch, Phalcon, Redme
  • Fix the inactive selection background color in trees
  • Fix Status Bar Indicator height in HiDPi screens
  • Remove buggy Tool Window Header patch


  • Change color of unfocused tree elements
  • New file icons for: Autohotkey, API Blueprint, MACOSX, Jekyll, Mathematica, ReasonML, RestructuredText, Maven, ObjectiveC, Spring, Tomcat, Test Ruby and VHDL.
  • Try to fix issue with createResolvedStylesheet by loading the Darcula default properties


  • Custom Notification Colors for the Custom Themes
  • Change default colors of Notifications to Contrast Color
  • Revert the buggy fix of the Tool Window Header (also known as the ToolWindowHeader hack) and add a new action “Patch Tool Window Header” to approve the hack of the Window Header (


  • Add background theming for IdeFrame

  • Fix Android studio errors


  • Add expand and collapse icons in ExpandableTexts
  • Add Closed icon folder variants for the selected theme


  • Improved Monokai Theme by inpirting from Monokai Pro
  • Material Monokai Pro color scheme
  • New icons for switching themes
  • Theme branches and tags from the VCS Log window
  • Fix issues with invalid stylesheets and border thickness, causing the settings to not load


  • Fix issue with out of bounds settings (


  • Setting for changing font to Roboto and bigger font in project view
  • Actions for switching arrow style
  • Fix Dark Title bar setting


  • Added more UI Icons
  • Fix issue with arrows


  • Add new option to select the style of arrows in trees
  • Restore Bold directories
  • Fix by setting a lighter selection background color on refactor


  • Add setting for Dark title bar
  • Set bigger font in Project View when not using Compact Sidebar or when Sidebar items height > 28

  • Fix Install Material Wallpaper action
  • Fix Custom Material Theme name

  • Remove ToolWindowHeader active background color

  • Fix


  • Replace close button


  • Fix issue with Android Studio loading
  • Typescript and Javascript decorators addition (for latest Webstorm only)
  • Add some more icons


  • Better File Status Colors by making use of Darcula/IntelliJ color scheme instead like VCS file colors


  • Use experimental feature to set dark title bar when using dark themes. Only works on latest EAP, but is planned for 2018.X


  • Fix issue with Android Studio


  • Remove Custom Wallpaper feature and instead use an action


  • Fix Search Everywhere in Windows 10


  • Fix combobox action style because of latest EAP


  • New action to install Material File Colors on demand instead of automatically at start


  • Fix Custom themes caret color
  • Fix Custom themes TabbedPane color
  • Fix Groovy and Scala comment color scheme
  • Feature: Compact Table Cells
  • Shut up error at Android Studio start (this disables the File Icons feature)
  • Allow setting custom tree indent between 0 and 10
  • Allow setting custom line height between 18 and 36
  • Fix: Bold directories will not set bold tabs
  • Fix issue with color schemes not being persisted


  • Fix and implement progress bars for older IDEs
  • Fix Markdown Navigator color scheme
  • Fix color scheme changing at start
  • Deprecating EAP :/


  • New option: Light Custom Theme: Use custom colors with IntelliJ Look and Feel. Used for Light themes.
  • Fix Custom Themes styling issues.
  • Change light themes notification colors.
  • Rename Material Default to Material Oceanic
  • Automatically change color scheme when switching themes
  • Add alert to reset custom theme colors when switching Look and Feel
  • Change instance fields, static fields and properties colors from Red to White as it is confused with errors.
  • Add update notifications.


  • Fix issue #193


  • Add new UI Icons for Structure and Web Deployment sections
  • New feature: Accent Scrollbars
  • Changed Active Tab Highlight to display Tab File Colors if defined, at the cost of having a transparent overlay
  • Added Markdown navigator color scheme
  • Added Browse Word at Caret plugin colors
  • Improve File Colors performance by initializing colors statically (thanks @denofevil)
  • Set default ignored file colors to Brown
  • Set default scratch colors to default text


  • Atom One Dark Color Scheme


  • XCode Development file icons
  • Travis file icons


  • Adding Resharper Hint and Suggestion Colors, improved Unknown Variable color, Debugger Colors and Link Colors
  • Updated Lighter scheme default color to be like VSC Lighter Theme
  • Improved Lighter Theme Foreground Color
  • Fix annotations


  • Starting writing documentation
  • Optimization improvements


  • Release


  • New components: slider and radio buttons


  • Targeting 2017.3


  • Fix ComboboxAction and IdeaButtonLookAction in 2017.3
  • Set default color for “NOT CHANGED” file status
  • Set directories color from “Up to date” file status
  • Fix issue with Run Configurations
  • Fix Scratches Color in the tree


  • Bug fixes due to the passage to 2017.3


  • Fix Tabbed Pane color in Arc and One Dark
  • Fix background color of list selected items in One Dark
  • Add babelrc.json to babel icon association
  • Fix (hopefully) the NullPointerException due to not being recognized File Colors


  • Material One Dark Color Scheme


  • Atom One Dark Theme
  • Move icons outside of fileIcons for better “disable Material Icons”


  • Fix issue with module directories taking the default icon in PyCharm
  • Added icons for the theme switcher (thanks @halacoglu
  • Rework MTWallpaper Component to fix remaining issues
  • Fix accents not being loaded with Material Theme disabled
  • Improve Arc Dark Theme

0.10.0 (alpha)

  • Two new themes: Monokai and Arc Dark
  • Custom Theme Support (alpha - please read README)


  • Improvements of Lighter Theme. Now Lighter Theme extends IntelliJ Look And Feel instead of Darcula.
  • Fix issues with No Material Theme that triggered some NPEs
  • Changed Tree foreground color for Lighter Theme
  • Added more UI Icons


  • Fix issue with projects open (
  • Possibly fix issue with 100% CPU (
  • Fix import icon size (
  • Change deprecated color (
  • Improve Disabled Material Theme


  • Fix issue with File colors for Psi Icons
  • Fix issue with CPU 100% usage
  • Fix issue with breakpoint icon size

  • Fix issue with tool window icons in retina
  • Add more ui icons


  • Remove uppercase bold tabs as a default and fix issue with project settings persistence
  • Revert fix of debugger tab height as it breaks other tabs


  • Add custom accent color configuration
  • Add Uppercase bold tabs to look more like MDTabs
  • Add Compact Sidebar height configuration
  • Reduce minimal length of tabs to 18
  • Add a border to the editor when tabs placement is left or right
  • More UI Icons


  • Fix issue with Contrast action button not working
  • Fix issues with not themed popups
  • Add accent color to non-themed search bars
  • Add background color to search result

  • Fix issue with custom file statuses not being colorable
  • Themed Material Combobox Action button


  • Fix Checkbox style in Material Components disabled
  • Allow customization of file status colors
  • Rewrite Wallpaper component to unset the wallpaper on exit
  • Fix height of debug tabs
  • More UI Icons

  • Changed javascript instance member color
  • Changed javascript icon


  • Material Checkboxes

  • Fix issue with file colors (
  • Fix issue with line highlight accent (


  • Convert old “Bold tabs option” into “bold directories”
  • Tree colors like the sublime theme
  • Selected Tree Line like in the Sublime Theme
  • Set opened folders with accent theme like in Sublime
  • Add PHP, Python and more General UI Icons

  • Theme the VCS Log Merge and Own Commits
  • Better colors for selected Tool Window buttons


  • Fix Hide File Icons
  • Fix Objective C and Coffeescript colors
  • Set TabsHeight as scalable for High DPI
  • Removing bold tabs support

  • Changing accent colors now update icons as well (needs close project)
  • VCS icons
  • Fix Status Indicator cut on Windows (
  • Fix Project Icon as accent hoverable (
  • Revert default font to 12px since it makes the text too big (blur is okay i guess)
  • Fix unreadable font (

  • Fix contrast mode not applying (
  • Fix issues with Action buttons (
  • Set Roboto default size to 14px (
  • Fix Custom Tree Indent (


  • Padded table rows
  • Material Design Number Inputs (with disabled support)
  • Material Design Dropdowns (Comboboxes)
  • Material Design Action Buttons Style
  • Add more transparency to Tree Selections
  • Support for Accent Colors!
  • More UI Icons
  • Fix Tool Window Issue (

  • Disable PHP file association and instead make use of PHP Psi Icons


  • Fix issue with Merge branches window
  • Put Material Theme options under “Appearance”
  • Add Actions for Settings: Compact Sidebar, Compact Statusbar, Material Theme, Material Components, Material Icons, Status Bar Indicator and Project View Decorators
  • Add actions for Hide File Icons, Bigger Tabs and set actions as toggles
  • Themed Action UI Icons, General UI Icons and Debugger UI Icons
  • Refactor classes so we can make use of Actions.
  • Inserted Checkstyle and Copyright


  • Customizable status bar height
  • Replace Loader when opening big files with Material one
  • Make better colors for Memory Indicator for Darker, Lighter and Palenight
  • Fix issue with caret (#379)
  • Add docker compose yaml association (thanks @thaffenden)
  • Other fixes


Fix many issues related to Lighter theme:

  • Breakpoint colors
  • Autocomplete
  • Tree colors
  • Notifications color
  • Progress bar
  • Memory indicator
  • Scrollbars
  • Also removed None theme since we can simply uncheck the option in the settings


Small update so I can have feedback about possible bugs

  • Material Headers (experimental)


This version is more focused on the UI:

  • Themed Scrollbars
  • Material Table Headers
  • Material Inputs (not applicable everywhere at the moment)
  • Material Passwords (with option of showing passwords)
  • Material Tabs
  • Add option to disable Material Theme only (leaving components, tabs and other options on)
  • Tab Height customizable
  • Notification colors
  • Custom Tree Indents
  • Better Dialog titles
  • More UI Icons
  • Bug fixes (and possibly improvements)


  • Added remaining options to TopHitProvider
  • Tinted Icon implementation
  • Redesigned folders to suit the MT icons (though help is appreciated)
  • Added custom file colors (Scope)
  • Add theme changer to Quick Switch (Ctrl+~)
  • More UI Icons


  • Fix issue with Statusbar option not being saved
  • Add bigger file icons for original ones (sass, php, ruby…)
  • More file icons: Chef, Cucumber, EJS, Jinja, Freemarker, PHPunits, Typings, Visio, VS
  • Hide exceptions about IndexOutOfBounds
  • Show red icon for excluded open files
  • Remove old PSI icons to use IntelliJ’s
  • Change pin icons (alpha)
  • Better icons for expand and collapse (alpha)
  • Fix bad associations


  • Change behavior of custom wallpaper to not disable the background if the user unchecks the option, allowing to set custom wallpaper with the IDE
  • Add Disable option for the current theme indicator in the status bar
  • Fix issue with SQLite icon
  • Theme notification popups
  • Add Indicator in Status Bar for current theme
  • Fix some filelist icons


  • A lot more file icons!
  • Fix partly syntax highlight for HOCON, Groovy, ERB, Scala, Kotlin and Hibernate
  • Fix issue with light color schemes not being saved
  • Fix issue with Background getting overriden
  • Fix issue with settings not being saved
  • Fix #92
  • Fix: Do not try to replace all icons, if an icon is not provided use Jetbrains one.
  • Refactor project: put the selected theme in the MTConfig + better folder structure
  • Add more icons: Access, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Audio, Video, Elm, Go, Hack, Julia, Pug, Kotlin, Maya, Markup, Premiere, Powershell, Rake, Riot, Stata, Sublime, Vim
  • Fix PHP + JS Code Schemes
  • New: Background image for empty IDE with customization available in options
  • New: Option to hide file icons in the Project View
  • New: Option to disable Material Icons
  • New: Option to disable Project View decorators
  • New: Option to select compact (and not compact) project view
  • New icons: Akka, Ada, Android
  • New UI Icons
  • Progress indicators
  • Set light version of contrast mode (though it needs to be in IntelliJ LAF)
  • Revert better contrast as it breaks theme switching :’(
  • Code coverage colors
  • Notification, Information and Documentation popups
  • Quick info theming
  • Parameter info theming
  • Smart completion theming
  • Documentation popup theming
  • Better contrast mode
  • Accent tab close button


  • Fix association for Angular files
  • Fix tests

Thanks to @mallowigi for taking the project to the next level. This is all him:

  • Code coverage colors
  • Notification, Information and Documentation popups
  • Fix Python Color schemes
  • Fix Go Color Schemes
  • New Python component to take the right file icon
  • Fix next occurence wrong icon
  • Restore accidently deleted edit icons
  • C and CPP color schemes
  • Add option to set bold tabs
  • Add toggle options to Search Everything
  • Change trees collapse and expand icons
  • Themed IDE icons: Checkout, Project Structure, Back, Forward, History, Up, Down, Step Into, Step Out, Compile, Jars, Library…
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Fix button background not taking the full width
  • Themed Memory Indicator
  • Add .pcss file icon
  • Fix Console colors
  • Align text and menu colors with the original theme
  • Welcome Screen theming
  • Progress Bar theming
  • Striped tables theming
  • Remove some borders added by Darcula
  • Focused buttons are now distinguable
  • Paint new breadcrumbs
  • Restore plugin.xml icon
  • Make buttons stand out a bit more anyway
  • Fix Rider error
  • Fix Ruby Colors schemes
  • Add option in the settings to enable/disable the new buttons look
  • Fix issue with Font Scale on HiDPI screens
  • Put the active tab higlight on the left instead of the right when choosing Placement left.
  • Messages bundle for easy replacing texts
  • New Buttons! Now buttons look even more like the Sublime plugin!
  • Add simple implementation of disabling the Material Theme (only the colors)
  • Fix some colors again…
  • Some colors were lost during the last update. This update should fix them.
  • Fix custom font issue.
  • Fix issue with theme switcher when some parts of the UI do not update
  • (hopefully) fix font apply
  • Updated color schemes to reflect the Sublime plugin’s color schemes
  • New option: Contrast mode. This will allow you to apply a higher contrasted Look and feel
  • Allow resetting the Active Tab settings with the default ones
  • Updated file status colors: modified, added, ignored, conflicts…
  • Replace the “asterisk” icon with an “edit” material icon
  • Set Open and closed folders according to open tabs (still buggy)
  • Now the active tab indicator is following the user’s tabs placement settings!
  • Started creating settings for customizing the plugin.
    • Active tab indicator color
    • Active tab indicator thickness
  • Fixed issue with tabs in last EAP
  • Update file icons to use the latest icons from the original Sublime theme repository.
  • Added a new theme, the Palenight theme, that is a violet shade of the Default theme.
  • Prevent file icons from being assigned to classes, methods, etc. - #285 @mjdetullio
  • Separate psd icons from the images group - #292 @Freezystem
  • Set parent scheme for dark themes to Darcula - #289 @vsch
  • Load MT file icons before anything else - #292 @mallowigi
  • Fix font overriding - #279 @mallowigi
  • Context and menu lighter border - #281
  • Add file association for .yaml files - #297 @thaffenden
  • Add Dart icon - #296 @seanjohnite
  • Add htpasswd to htaccess group - @Freezystem
  • Add icons for package.json, gruntfile, gulpfile and webpack - @mallowigi
  • Set better color for Parameter hints - @mallowigi



  • Updated Gradle wrapper


  • File icon: Rust *.rs - #240
  • File icon: ES/ES6 *.es|*.es6 - #240



  • Android Studio fix. #220
  • No need to override the application icons, so those are deleted.
  • Fixes UI icons for recent versions of platform. @mallowigi
  • Issue #258 fix crashes on Windows for IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3. @bulenkov
  • More sensible colors for diffs. @hypnoglow



  • Hopefully a final fix for issue #205, IDEA-157843 and IDEA-156327



  • Improved visibility for diffs on default color scheme. Thanks @marvhock - #208
  • Hopefully fixed issue #205, IDEA-157843 and IDEA-156327
  • Merged recent changes made to the platform


  • SidePanel background color (Preferences)



  • Fails to launch when using Darker or Lighter theme. Thanks @robertfreund - #187
  • Kotlin syntax highlighting - #153


  • File icon: Kotlin - *.kt
  • File icon: Liquid - Shopify templating language - *.liquid
  • File icon: Lua - *.lua
  • File icon: LICENSE files



  • In some cases getVirtualFile() for psi elements can be null. Fixes #172, #175 - @anstarovoyt
  • Vertical tabs highlight - @Cyberdelia1987
  • Fixes an error which caused the plugin to misbehave in non-java ide’s. See #177


  • File icon: React *.jsx - #162
  • File icon: PHTML *.phtml
  • File icon: Gradle *.gradle - #140
  • File icon: Text *.txt



  • This changelog
  • Identifier under caret - Error Stripe Mark


  • Don’t grab blade files with PHP regex


  • Fix issues with the color schemes.


  • Color Scheme: Material Default
  • Theme Support
  • Icon Support
  • PHP Plugin Support