Component Settings

Further customize the IDE components

Further customization of the IDEs components

Uppercase buttons

This setting sets the text of the buttons to be uppercase, just like the Material Design buttons. This is optimal for a full-fledged Material Design Experience.

Uppercase Buttons
Uppercase Buttons

Note: Because the UI was originally intended to be used with regular cased buttons, some buttons with longer text can have their text overflowing outside of the button. Since it’s not possible to control the size of such buttons, there is no possibility to fix this. However, such cases are quite rare, but if it’s absolutely bothers you, you can still disable this feature via this option.

Transparent Scrollbars and Accent Scrollbars

These options control the appearance of the scrollbars. Note: This feature works completely on Windows and Linux, but on Mac it is only working for non-native scrollbars (e.g. scrollbars that appear only while scrolling).

Transparent scrollbars will add more transparency to the scrollbars and set it as the same color as the current theme’s background color. This is adding 50% opacity and there is no way to change it.

Accent scrollbars will replace the scrollbar color with the current accent color.

Accent Scrollbars
Accent Scrollbars

Note: Since 2019.1 the scrollbars enter into two categories:

  • UI Scrollbars: These are the scrollbars found throughout the UI (lists, trees and so on)
  • Editor Scrollbars: These are the scrollbars inside editors

Thanks/Because of this separation, the aforementioned settings is now controlling only the UI Scrollbars. Instead, the Editor Scrollbars are managed via a Color Scheme Setting Page.

Accent Mode

This feature makes components stand out more by coloring them with the current accent color. The affected components are:

  • The Editor Tabs
  • The Primary Buttons
  • The selection color for Lists, Tables and Trees
Accent Mode
Accent Mode

This feature is available since 4.1.0. It is still in beta phase so it might has bugs.