Icons Settings

Change the IDE's icons

These settings control some components’ display, mainly about their compactiness.

Material Icons

This setting toggles the replacement of the icons provided by the plugin. Specifically this disables:

  • File Icons
  • Menu Icons
  • Toolbar Icons
  • Tool Window Icons
  • Application Icons

Basically this replaces all icons provided by the plugin, including breakpoint icons, dialog icons and even icons inside documenation panels.

Material Icons Disabled
Material Icons Disabled

Note: Because this option replaces IDE icons, a complete restart of the application is needed.

Note 2: Some of the features depend on this setting to work, therefore disabling this will result to disabling those features as well. These are:

  • Hide File Icons: You won’t be able to hide file icons anymore.

Monochrome Icons

This option allows you to apply a monochrome filter to the whole IDE, just like the color blindness filter. This is ideal for people who don’t like the avalanche of colors provided by the different icons.

Monochrome Icons
Monochrome Icons

By applying this filter, all icons will be filtered with a shade of the primary color (e.g. the color of the items in the Project View for instance) of the current theme.

Note: This setting not only filters out the toolbar and file icons, but even tool window icons, debugger icons, etc…

Hide File Icons

This option allows you to completely hide the file icons from the IDE. This means from the Project Tree, Tabs, Dialogs and everything. This does not remove folders, though.

Hide File Icons
Hide File Icons

Note: This feature takes precedence over default file icons providers and the plugin’s own one. However some plugins, such as the PHP or Python plugins, may have an even greater precedence, meaning that you will still see icons from these plugins.

Folder Decorators

Assign specific folder icons to folders with commonly used names to add yet more visual grepping than with file icons. For instance, tmp, logs, src, lib or test are folders found within most projects.

Decorated Folders
Decorated Folders

Note that excluded/resource root/test root/package folders will not be decorated.


  • While the Material Icons replace most icons, some icons, such as icons coming from plugins (including Jetbrains’ plugins like Git) would not be replaced.
  • Monochrome icons actually messes up some parts of the IDE, such as the SVG Image Viewer. If you need to use it, please disable the option temporarily.