Tab Settings

Control the appearance of the Editor Tabs

This page displays the features and settings that customize the appearance of the Editor Tabs and IDE Tabbed Panes.

Active Tab Options

Active Tab Highlighter

This setting controls the appearance of the little indicator under the current highlighted tab.

Active Tab Indicator
Active Tab Indicator
  • When the setting is OFF, the indicator color will be the current accent color.
  • When the setting is ON, you can select your own custom color.


This allows you to set the thickness of the tab highlighter.

Tab Highlighter Thickness
Tab Highlighter Thickness

In order to avoid crazy values that could ruin the UI, the values are limited between 1 to 5 pixels.

About Tabs Placement

While most of people set their tabs to be on the top, JetBrains IDE also give the possibility to place your tabs to the bottom, left or right side.

In that case, the active tab indicator will be placed accordingly to the tab position:

  • At the top for bottom placement
  • At the right for right placement
  • At the left for left placement
Left Placement
Left Placement

Other Tab Options

Uppercase Bold Tabs

This feature allows you to set the tabs to look even more like usual Material Design Tabs, e.g. in Uppercase and bold.

Uppercase Bold Tabs
Uppercase Bold Tabs

This settings gets rid of special characters such as hyphens or underscores and replace them with ++spaces++. It also converts from camel case to “Spaced Uppercase”.

Note: Because of the highly experimental status of this feature, it contains some bugs. For instance, the upper casing is not set until the tab is selected.

Tab Height

This setting will allow you to customize the height of the different tabs of the IDE (e.g. not only the editor tabs but also debugger tabs, code style tabs, etc.). This will allow you to have the ultimate Material Design Tabs experience.

The allowed values are between 18 to 60 pixels, where the default recommended value for horizontal tabs is 50. If you use vertical tabs though, my personal recommended value would be 25 so you can place more opened tabs at the side.

Left Side Tab Height
Left Side Tab Height

There is no reset button, but there is an action in the Material Toolbar that resets the value to its default value, 50.

Tab Opacity

This quite obscure setting is made for people using the File Colors feature in tabs but want to have the theme colors in their tab as well without disabling the option completely.

This allows them to adjust the opacity of the applied file colors.

Opaque Color
Opaque Color
Semi Transparent Color
Semi Transparent Color
Transparenter Color
Transparenter Color

Material Tabbed Panes

Since version 3.0.0 the Tab Settings control not only the appearance of the Editor Tabs but for all tabbed panes as well (except for JBTabbedPanes such as the Tabs inside the Debugger Tool Window or Code Style Settings).

Material Tabbed Panes
Material Tabbed Panes

You can therefore customize:

  • The active tab highlighter color and thickness
  • The tab height
  • Whether they appear as upper case bold.

Tab Shadow and Opacity have no effect here.

Other Tweaks

Edited files icon

Files that are edited but not yet saved will display a little pencil icon with the current accent color on the tab, in place of the regular * asterisk *. editIcon

You need to activate this option under Editor -> General -> Editor Tabs -> Mark modified tabs with asterisk

Pinned files icon

Same as the edited file icon, pinned tabs will display a little pin on the icon, colored with the current accent color. pinnedIcon

Accent close icon

The close icon didn’t change, but it will be colored to the accent color on hover.


Q: Is there a way to completely remove the Active Tab Indicator?

A: Currently no. Even disabling the feature in the IDE will still display the indicator provided by the plugin. If there is enough demand to add this functionality, we will add it.

Q: The Tab Height feature is cool in the editor, but I’d rather leave other tabs untouched.

A: Me as well. Unfortunately currently the setting that sets the tab height is shared between all tabs in the SDK, and there is no way to distinguish between them currently. Maybe in the future if JetBrains agrees to allow more customization natively.

Q: Why limiting the thickness or the tab height? I want to have 10 in thickness and 100 in tabs!!!

A: Because allowing values past these limits would make the UI ugly or worse, crash it. If you have a good reason to want it anyway, you can open an issue on Github with why you would want that. At most, you can still fork the plugin and tweak it to whatever you want.

Q: The uppercase tabs feature is so useless! Editor Tabs !== Material Design Tabs!

A: While I might agree with this statement, I personally find it a cool feature and it doesn’t bother me. It is not allowed by default, so new users will not be startled by it, and if you don’t like it you can simply turn it off.