Color Scheme Additions

Augment languages highlighting capabilities.


This feature is much more oriented development than the others as it provides new features for the Color Schemes rather than the UI. Basically it adds more customization to the Color Schemes by providing more syntax highlighting options than the original bundled ones, thus enhancing visual grepping.

Originally introduced by the Night Owl Theme, the plugin augments its features by giving more highlighting options.

JavaScript Additions
JavaScript Additions


Currently the only supported languages are:

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Java


The following keywords are customizable:

  • this, super
  • import, export, module, from
  • null, undefined
  • debugger
  • var, let, const
  • function


TypeScript augments JavaScript additions with the following keywords:

  • private, public, protected


The following keywords are customizable:

  • private, public, protected
  • static, final
  • this, super


Q: The feature doesn’t work! My var/this/debugger keywords are still the same color as the others! By the way I’m using Darcula/IntelliJ/My custom scheme.

A: Since these are Additions, of course other schemes are unaware of these new entries and will revert back to the default keyword color. However color scheme designers can provide their own color definitions for the new entries if they choose to Export scheme after having selected their colors, and it will work for people having the plugin installed.

Q: What about Night Owl’s own additions? Won’t it clash with Material Theme’s?

A: The Material Theme Additions are using the same keys as the Night Owl Additions, while adding new ones. Therefore assigning a color in the plugin’s page will work for NightOwl and vice-versa.